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    Comments: I was pleased with my Left shoulder replacement and wanted Dr. Sohn to do my right also.
  • Dr. Sohn and his staff are absolutely amazing to work with. The Dr. and his PA. are very thorough and articulate pre and post operation. Dr. Sohn is the best surgeon I've worked with and I am lucky to have found him. Thank Dr. Sohn!!!

    ~ Robert B. ~

  • I had a shoulder replacement done about 13 months ago with Dr Sohn. When I first meant him, I was a little apprehensive of course, but very impressed with his demeanor. He was professional, humble but confident and kind. Very simply put, he is a really great guy. I have had 6 ortho surgeries in the past due to a short lived career in the NFL. And I have known quite a few ortho Drs. My experience with him was awesome, and my surgery went better than I expected. Each follow up appointment with him was great as well. I am almost 79 years old and I am back at the gym working out like I have done all my life. If you are considering shoulder surgery, in my opinion there is no need to look any further. To me, he is the best, and as I said, a really great guy.

    ~ Bill H. ~

  • I had AMAZING experience with Dr. Sohn and Theresa Ho! I had a bicep tendonesis procedure done and both Dr. Sohn and Theresa really listened to my wants/needs and helped me achieve my goals. This was my first major surgery and I work hard to maintain a fairly active lifestyle. Through Dr. Sohn and Theresa’s diligent work—including late night/weekend MyChart messages—I was able to get back to snowboarding, basketball, weightlifting, etc. in no time, and with incredible peace of mind through the entire process!

    ~ Riverboat R. ~

  • I recently had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Roger Sohn for a shoulder injury, and I cannot recommend him highly enough. From the moment I met him, Dr. Sohn's expertise and dedication to patient care were evident. He took the time to listen to my concerns and thoroughly evaluate my condition, and he provided me with an honest and accurate assessment of my options.

    What stood out to me most about Dr. Sohn was his commitment to providing the least invasive and most effective treatment possible. Another doctor had recommended surgery for my injury, but Dr. Sohn was able to provide me with a non-surgical treatment option that allowed me to recover fully without going under the knife.

    Throughout my treatment, Dr. Sohn and his staff were always available to answer my questions and provide me with the support I needed. His compassion, expertise, and commitment to patient-centered care are truly exceptional, and I am grateful to have been under his care.

    If you are in need of orthopedic care, I highly recommend Dr. Roger Sohn. He is a gifted physician who truly cares about his patients and is dedicated to providing the best possible care. Thank you, Dr. Sohn, for helping me recover from my injury!

    ~ Jennifer k. ~

  • Dr. Sohn did surgery on my left shoulder for me.

    I had a grade 7 tear . He and his PA Theresa ( office staff (FV) were also fantastic.

    Dr Sohn took the time to listen to me and I know he really cares .

    I recommend Dr.Sohn , he did an amazing job on my shoulder, great bedside manner & he was always there to respond to my chart messages :)

    Thank you !

    ~ Kimberly R. ~

  • I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Roger Sohn. He is so knowledgeable, skilled, patient and understanding of my concerns. I'm so blessed and thankful to have been given the opportunity to have Dr. Sohn investigate, diagnose and correct my rotator cuff, bicep tendon and bone spur problems in my left shoulder, while I had been told by my previous provider surgeon that my shoulder was fine in spite of constant pain and impaired mobility. I will not hesitate to ask Dr. Sohn to correct my right shoulder if it also becomes necessary. The entire staff is helpful and friendly, from Karen checking you in and out, Anthony helping to set up an appointment, Theresa following up for Dr. Sohn and now Jacqueline assisting him, they all work together to make things run smoothly. I put my trust in Dr. Sohn and you will be at least as happy as I am if you do the same! Thanks again for everything Dr. Sohn!

    ~ Ernesto V. ~

  • My appointment with Dr Shon couldn’t have been any better. A few years ago he did a reverse shoulder replacement on my right shoulder, so when I started having trouble with my right hand I could only think of Dr Shon. I had a cortisone injection and hopefully that will be the end of my problem. I trust him explicitly.

    ~ Janie H. ~

  • I'm treated with respect and understanding of my issues with my shoulders and elbows and wrists I get to go over all my test results and given a very clear understanding of the damage and what course of treatment is recommended. Dr.Sohn takes time to explain my treatments clearly I feel very comfortable and confident with Dr. Sohn I trust his recommendations and I feel heard and safe. Thank you Dr Sohn.

    ~ Lorie G. ~

  • As my time with Dr. Sohn and the Orthocare Health team has come to an end, I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for each person at this practice. I was Dr. Sohn’s surgery scheduler and medical assistant for a year and a half, and I must say that it had an immensely positive impact on me both personally and professionally. I am writing this review as a thank you, but I see it as an opportunity to provide an important message to all future patients of Dr. Sohn and Theresa, PA-C.

    Dr. Sohn is an excellent physician and in my opinion, the best shoulder surgeon in Southern California. I have witnessed him conduct himself within the clinic/operating room setting and all I can say is that he is a true specialist and professional in the field of orthopaedic surgery. Most importantly, as all previous reviews have mentioned, he practices medicine with humility, compassion, and respect. He is truly invested in providing positive outcomes for his patients and you will be treated as such for the entirety of your time as one of his patients. His care and respect were never in short supply with his employees, either. As a future medical school student, he took my education outside of my regular duties of surgery scheduling as his personal responsibility, and I know that the knowledge he imparted to me will set me well ahead of my future classmates when I begin medical school. Side note: he’s also really funny.

    That brings me to Theresa Ho, PA-C and Dr. Sohn’s right hand at the practice. She is second to none and a amazing orthopedic physician’s assistant. Her knowledge and experience with upper extremity care is comprehensive and she may have a kind and gentle demeanor, but her competence could not be overstated. If you are in urgent need of care and Dr. Sohn is not immediately available, you will be relieved to be in the hands of Theresa. She takes her time with every patient until all their questions have been answered and is diligent with following up with all patients. When you get the chance to receive care from her, you will see exactly what I mean.

    Aside from the medical expertise and direct patient care, the most important and often undervalued aspect of the patient experience is the supporting administrative and medical staff. This is where the practice truly provides a world class patient experience. From when you are greeted over the phone to schedule a new patient appointment until your graduation day as a (hopefully) fully healed patient, and everything in between, you will be supported by real people who are truly invested in assisting you with all aspects of your care.

    As I move on to medical school, I know this work environment and commitment to patients will be a rare sighting. I hope my journey takes me full circle to work alongside this team again as a future physician.

    ~ Anthony H. ~

  • Appointment and consult w/ Dr. SOHN was first-time, and I was impressed with his ability to speak to me and answer my questions about my shoulder and layout choices I could consider. Currently working with PT on that shoulder and will reevaluate with Dr. Sohn at the end of PT.

    ~ Jerry G. ~

  • I am so thankful for Dr. Sohn, Theresa Ho PA, and their whole staff for helping me through two major shoulder surgeries. Dr. Sohn has a wonderful bedside manner. I felt cared for and listened to. He is thorough and advocated for the best treatment for me with other doctors for a bone infection he found. I am now 3 weeks post op from my reverse shoulder replacement and feeling better everyday! I highly recommend Dr. Sohn and his practice for your orthopedic needs.

    ~ Ashley B. ~

  • Just wanted to say how happy I am to have chosen Dr. Sohn and his staff for my shoulder and bicep surgery. They are very professional and did an excellent job on the repair of my shoulder, rotator cuff and bicep. I couldn't ask for better results. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a specialist in a shoulder injury. Thank you Dr. Sohn and your excellent staff.

    ~ Gary L. ~

  • Dr. Shon is a very Thorough and accurate of what he does best is the orthopedic surgeon. Most caring and understanding of the patients situation. My replacement of my right shoulder was very successful and on the mend. As of now I’m a little over two weeks into my healing and everything is going to plan. I’m very grateful to have met him. He has done other work on me as well. Which was my wrist that had a growth on it which he removed successfully and has healed was well. I’m including a x-ray picture of the operation on my right shoulder. Thank you

    ~ Louis V. ~

  • Dr, Sohn Roger, is incredable , I had suffered from shoulder pain for many years, Dr Sohn explained to me how reversed shoulder replacement works, best decision I ever made, the whole staff is marvellous there always there when I need them!, no more pain! I can so things that I was no longer able to do with my old shoulder, Thank You Dr, Sohn for a Job well done, from scale 1-100= 100 Thank You so much!!! Joe Carbajal.

    ~ Terri C. ~

  • We brought our son twice to this office to meet with Dr. Sohn. The first time was for a fractured arm and the second time for a dislocated shoulder. Both times, we felt at peace and confident with his diagnosis and treatment plan. We feel very fortunate to have a caring, professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and kind doctor like Dr. Sohn.

    ~ Sonya C. ~

  • Dr. Sohn and his PA, Theresa are great. I was nervous and afraid to get the procedure they recommended. However, I am glad that I did it. My shoulder is much better. Thank you for you for giving me arm back. Every movement hurt before but now I have much more mobility and my shoulder is much healthier.

    ~ Steve R. ~

  • Dr Sohn, Theresa Ho (PA), and the entire office staff are all very professional and friendly. Their customer service is excellent. I felt at ease before, during and after my surgery. My calls are answered in a timely manner. Both Dr Sohn and Theresa were patient and understanding with my post-op surgery concerns. So far my post-op progress is going well with my physical therapy and I look forward to being pain free soon. I would definitely recommend Dr Sohn.

    ~ Susan T. ~

  • After going to another ortho with little info and no results to show for it, Dr Sohn was just what I needed. He came as a recommendation from another friend. Concise, informative, patient in his explanations, and just a good guy. He performed my Tenex surgery and it's been a long road but it's slowly getting better. He explained it as such. My son also had a major tear in his elbow ligament and almost had Tommy John but Dr Sohn again, was patient and explained everything. Luckily we got to call that surgery off as it healed itself but my son also felt super comfortable with him. I will be recommending him to all my friends.

    ~ ehansen0071 ~

  • Dr. Sohn and his office staff are wonderful! Dr. Sohn is a very talented surgeon and I am thankful they helped me prepare for my rotator cuff surgery. It is a long recovery (6 mos to a year) and they have been there for me every step of the way.

    ~ Sharon D. ~

  • Dr Sohn helped me get my shoulder back in shape. The PT that was prescribed has really helped me heal without invasive procedures. I felt as if he could empathize with me about my injury and that connection was instrumental getting me healthy again. Thanks Dr. Sohn and staff.

    ~ Dave M. ~

  • Dr. Sohn pulled off the impossible. I broke my right arm and shoulder in a fall and when I was referred to Dr Sohn I was resigned to never having full use of my arm again because of everything I had read about my injury. Dr. Sohn explained that that because of my age (55) he felt we had to at least try to fix the damage. He performed a surgery that required two plates and seven screws to put my bones back together. He did a superb job! Four months after the surgery I had regained full use of my arm. My physical therapist said he wanted to shake the hand of the man who put my arm back together because he was so impressed with Dr Sohn’s surgical skill. I want to thank Dr. Sohn and his staff for giving me my arm back. If not for Dr. Sohn, I would still be having my husband do my hair, and believe me, no one wants to see that so Thank You Dr. Sohn!!!

    ~ Dianne D. ~

  • Dr. Sohn is an amazing surgeon. He and his staff are top notch! I was recommended to him by another cyclist after injuring my shoulder in a crash. Dr. Sohn was able to surgically repair my shoulder and it is back to 100%! The entire experience from front counter staff to surgery coordinators to doctors was absolutely amazing and I will surely recommend them to others. Thanks Dr. Sohn and staff for fixing me up!

    ~ Matt T. ~

  • I had the best possible experience with Dr. Roger Sohn and his very capable crew. I had hand surgery for Carpal Tunnel and the appointments were organized, well explained and the surgery went well with very minimal pain. My recovery has been quick and while I am not using that hand for any heavy lifting for 3 weeks I can resume the rest of my life. I highly recommend Dr. Sohn to anyone looking for a hand surgeon.

    ~ Diana P. ~

  • I have been seeing Dr. Sohn for the past year regarding my shoulder and he’s absolutely awesome! He’s extremely thorough and always explains what’s going on where you can understand. His staff is so pleasant and always makes you feel comfortable. I absolutely recommend Dr. Sohn.

    ~ Jackie L. ~

  • Dr. Sohn was very personable, he made me feel comfortable in his office.

    ~ Candyce W. ~

  • Dr. Sohn is an incredible surgeon. I was told by at least two other orthopedic surgeons that I was too young for a shoulder replacement and that I would have to deal with my limited range of motion and pain for at least another ten years. Dr. Sohn was able to perform a special version of a shoulder replacement that uses more of my natural anatomy which will leave me with more shoulder for the eventual second replacement I'll need in my 60s. I'm six weeks out of my surgery and I have no pain anf already have more flexibility than before. Thank you Dr. Sohn!

    ~ Jonathan S. ~

  • Dr Sohn always cares patient. Be polite, kind and helpful. I strongly recommend Dr sohn to whoever needs to see specialist for shoulders elbows & hands. :)

    ~ Joan C. ~

  • Great Doctor. Knows what he is doing and does it well. I highly recommend Dr. Sohn.

    ~ Gary L. ~

  • Dr. Sohn is very personable and pays close attention to your needs

    ~ Scott S. ~

  • Dr sohn performed reverse shoulder replacement on my left shoulder in June of 2020 I'm very happy with the Hospital staff at Memorial Care and Doctor sohns staff I was pleased that the head of the nursing staff checked on me weeks after the surgery to make sure I was okay Dr sohn was very clear on the procedure and explain to me everything that was going to be done and explain to me on the last check up how to take care of my shoulder in the future

    ~ Chris D. ~

  • Took time to listen and ultimately give me really good advice.

    ~ Jeff F. ~

  • Thank you very much.Sohn MD and clinic employee are very kindnees and comfortable.

    ~ Moon C. ~

  • The doctor and staff provided extremely professional and personal understanding.

    ~ Tom A. ~

  • Always straight forward and very personable.

    ~ Donavan S. ~

  • Dr. Sohn has performed surgery on my elbow as well as my rotator cuff in the last few years. I am very happy with how my surgery has turned out, the physical therapy they sent me to, and the fact that in every follow up, even though I wasn't scheduled to meet with him, he came in to the room and made sure he answered any questions I had. I highly recommend him.

    ~ Sepi ~

  • My experience with Doctor was the best I would never of expected For it to come out like a did. I am very fortunate to have experienced a perfect surgery bye Doctor . I would seriously recommend this doctor to anybody who’s having any kind of shoulder or orthopedic pain. The whole office staff and Teresa the associate doctor was the best I couldn’t ask for anything more God bless them all thank you

    ~ Jerry M. ~

  • Dr. Sohn is a very skilled and knowledgeable surgeon. He completed my rotator cuff surgery in July of 2021 and referred me to physical therapy for 6 months. His wonderful staff helped me prepare for surgery and he answered all of my questions at my first visit. I was only in my sling for 2 weeks with no complications. If I have issues with my other shoulder, I will only let Dr. Sohn perform my surgery.

    ~ Sharon D. ~

  • I feel so blessed to have been treated by Dr. Roger Sohn. He removed a piece of wood from my pinky, the entire experience was superb. His staff was amazing, location as well. Just can’t say enough what a great human he is. Thank you again.

    ~ Douglas T. ~

  • Dr Sohn is a very knowledgeable and friendly doctor! He takes his time with me to make sure that all of my questions have been answered, and all my worries put to rest. He is great!

    ~ Jayme M. ~

  • The experience I had with Dr. Sohn What’s incredible from start to finish, doctor took care of me and my shoulder with the best possible care , From start to finish doctor was very pleasant and very professional. He was very caring and explained everything that was going to transpire from beginning to end and still has To this day shown that he cares a lot , I would recommend Dr. Sohn to anyone, he’s kind knowledgeable orthopedic surgeon, this was fabulous experience that me and my wife especially me, I had the surgery . His whole team was amazing , best regards the Martinez family ..many thanks Dr Sohn .

    ~ Tina M. ~

  • I had wrist surgery performed by Dr. Roger Sohn in February 2018. He is a truly amazing surgeon! I had fallen backwards on concrete, which left me with two breaks along with a torn ligament. The pain was intense. Two days later, Dr. Sohn repaired my wrist at a surgical center in about an hour’s time with a metal plate and nine screws. He thereafter recommended hand therapy for a couple of months to regain maximum function. Three years later, I feel absolutely no pain or discomfort, not even on cold or rainy days. The scar is barely visible. I am currently experiencing shoulder/arm pain and trying therapy first to remedy this issue. If I ultimately need surgery, Dr. Sohn is the doctor I want to perform the surgery. I have complete trust in him and know he will do whatever it takes so that I again can function more efficiently.

    ~ Lisa J. ~

  • Dr. Sohn's office is light and bright, clean and very welcoming. The assistants were very friendly and helpful. Everyone had smiles on their faces. I had arrived a little early for my appointment but still only a very short wait. Dr. Sohn arrived in my exam room and totally was focused on me for the entire appointment. He was very friendly and explained things to me so I would understand. I would highly recommend Dr. Sohn and his office!

    ~ Bonnie M. ~

  • Dr. Sohn was able to repair my broken shoulder and arm and because of him I now have full range of motion. I will always be grateful to Dr. Sohn for giving me back the use of my arm!

    ~ Dianne D. ~

  • Moved to the area from the Midwest, second month I fractured my arm mountain biking. Dr. Sohn, Theresa Ho, PA, and the staff were fantastic with overall care and follow up. They took the time to explain my injury and the realistic healing process.

    ~ Wes W. ~

  • Dr. Sohn is an excellent surgeon, extremely friendly, and patient focused. His team is awesome. While I hope I don't need orthopedic surgery in the future, I'm calling him if I do!

    ~ Will M. ~

  • Dr Sohn and his staff have been excellent throughout my preparation for shoulder surgery. They made sure that I was fully informed and prepared for my procedure. They are now helping my through my recovery. I am grateful that Dr Sohn was my surgeon of choice.

    ~ Ronnie H. ~

  • After consulting with two other orthopedic doctors, I'm glad to have found Dr. Sohn. I was pretty scared about the procedure I needed get done. His approach approach was direct and thorough in explaining my diagnosis and long-term outlook, but also compassionate and caring. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Sohn for any orthopedic needs.

    ~ Cathy W. ~

  • Dr. Sohn and his team are awesome. Super attentive, great offices and Dr. Sohn really gets to know you as a patient. Very happy with the work done on my hand and so thankful to no longer deal with numbness.

    ~ Sean S. ~

  • I'm in my thirties and had been told I would have to deal with my damaged shoulder for a other decade at least before a major repair could be attempted. Dr. Sohn gave me an option to do a replacement with inlay that would save more of my natural shoulder and have me in a good place for another shoulder replacement later. My shoulder is now six weeks out from the surgery and it feels great. I'm more flexible now than before surgery! Great surgeon.

    ~ Jonathan S. ~

  • I highly recommend Dr. Sohn and his office staff. They are so welcoming and professional. As soon as I walked into their office, any anxiety I may have had disappeared. During my appointment, Dr. Sohn actually took the time to go over every X-ray and MRI image of my shoulder with me. He explained everything in simple terms so I could understand what was happening with my shoulder and the surgery he was going to perform. He assured me he would repair everything at one time. Unlike my previous orthopedic surgeon(whose name I will not mention), who diagnosed me with just frozen shoulder and only cleaned out my scar tissue and manipulated my shoulder in all directions during surgery. I asked that doctor to repair whatever needed fixing and he wouldn’t even listen to me. Anyway, thankfully Dr. Sohn figured out why I was having so much pain and he fixed it right the first time. On the day of my surgery, Dr. Sohn’s bedside manner put me at ease that everything was going to be fine. He carefully explained the procedure (like he did during my office visit), and he and the surgical staff took very good care of me. After surgery, Dr. Sohn and his staff personally checked up on me periodically by phone to make sure I was doing well. I am grateful to Dr. Sohn and his staff, as my shoulder is on the road to recovery. Thank you Dr. Sohn!!

    ~ Ayumi T. ~

  • Dr. Sohn did an outstanding job surgically repairing my "gamekeeper's (a.k.a. skier's) thumb" on 3 May 2019. Since my injury was rather severe (e.g., ruptured UCL, Stener lesion), Dr. Sohn worked to prioritize my surgery at the Memorial Care Surgical Center in Orange County. Less than 2 weeks after surgery (which included a state-of-the-art procedure called internal brace augmentation), I started physical therapy and, to my surprise, quickly started to regain use of my thumb. Dr. Sohn, my physical therapist, and I all believe that I'm on my way to 100% recovery. I would strongly recommend Dr. Sohn to anyone who is in need of an orthopedist or an orthopedic surgeon.

    ~ Dan N. ~

  • Really thorough, detailed care. Appreciate how Dr. Sohn takes time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. I opted for an ulnar shortening surgery and am very happy with results. Highly recommended. His staff is great, always kind and helpful.

    ~ Karen G. ~

  • I had a excellent surgery and follow up visits with Dr. Sohn and his office staff. My injury was four years old after getting hit by a car on my road bike. My family doctor tried PT after looking at the X rays and it didn't get any better. I finally got a referral to Dr. Sohn and a MRI showed a torn rotator cuff, bicep tendon and torn cartilage. So glad to have Dr. Sohn do the repair and now after six months I am back in the water surfing, kiteboarding and foilboarding! Thanks DR. Sohn!

    ~ Guy B. ~

  • I am very satisfied with my experience with Dr. Roger Sohn and his team. I had a procedure done that relieved numbness in my hand which I'd been dealing with for a couple of years. They were professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and my procedure was a success. Thank you Dr. Sohn and team.

    ~ Treasurer SJHHS B. ~

  • I arrived early and was seen before my time. Doctor was thorough, informative and answered all my questions. Loved that surgery wasn’t the prescribed option for now!

    ~ Karen M. ~

  • Every member of Dr. Sohn’s team and doctor Sohn we’re very professional, courteous and very sharing in information and helping me understand the diagnoses. Highly would recommend Dr. Sohn.

    ~ Michelle W. ~

  • Dr. Sohn and his staff were great!! Very good experience with him he was very professional and concerned of my saturation.

    ~ John S. ~

  • Dr R. Sohn and his team are incredible. I went in with minimal feeling in my fingers and a lovely case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with full on tingling. So painful that I could only type on the computer for ten minutes until my hand and arm were rendered useless. I visited Dr Sohn in early July 2020 and he walked me through the three options available: 1) get a cortisone shot in my wrist and see what happens 2) treat it surgically via an Endoscopic approach that would require two incisions 3) or if things looked right, try a new single incision Endoscopic approach I chose option 3 and it was the best choice ever. Being an engineer in the medical device Industry I have always trusted advancements in medicine so why not. Three days after my procedure I was typing on the laptop with no tingling at all. Unbelievable! It has now been three months since my procedure and there have been no occurrences of any discomfort or tingling. No pain and full use of my wrist and hand. In fact one month ago I was using a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine with zero issues. I can’t thank Dr Sohn enough for alleviating all prior issues and restoring everything back to its original place. I would recommend Dr Sohn, his staff, and the new Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Surgery to everyone. The results will be and are amazing!

    ~ Thomas F. ~

  • Caring, thorough, empathetic and compassionate is my description of Dr Roger Sohn. He performed surgery on my thumb for basal joint arthritis. I am happy with the outcome and glad to have Dr Sohn as my surgeon.

    ~ Marivic G. ~

  • Dr. Sohn’s office was great and super helpful! Everyone of the staff was very nice and easy to talk to. Will go there again if needed.

    ~ Taegan G. ~

  • If it wasn't for Dr sohn I wouldn't be walking again. I was a vehicle and.broke my tibia which resulted in compartment syndrome. Dr sohn still took good care of me and prevented me losing my leg. No one expected me to walk again but in just 1 month I was able to walk with a cane and after another month I lost the cane entirely. Thanks to Dr sohn I not only was able to walk again I was able to do my dream and join the military. I owe Dr sohn my life as well as his staff and the physical therapists at soc orthopedics. They are my permanent orthopedic group for any injury I get from now on

    ~ Paul V. ~

  • Dr Sohn and his staff are amazing! Dr is wonderful. The best care I could have hoped for . I definitely recommend him .

    ~ Lori N. ~

  • Dr. Sohn and his staff took care of my son when he broke his arm... very thorough & professional, and friendly as well. 5 stars, highly recommended!

    ~ Ian B. ~

  • I had two shoulder replacements. My experience has been great. It’s so nice to deal with people who are professional, friendly and caring.

    ~ Clara K. ~

  • Dr. Sohn and his team are the best. They are professional and personal. From diagnosis to cure I was always in great hands.

    ~ Mel S. ~

  • Efficient. Spotless. I would definitely recommend Dr Sohn to everyone! Bravo!

    ~ Jill S. ~

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