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Dr. Roger Sohn is a Top Shoulder and Arm Specialist in Orange County, CA.

He has been named one of Orange County’s Top Doctors by his peers and the Orange County Medical Association. His practice is focused on producing the best results for patients with shoulder and arm injuries and degenerative conditions.

Expert Care for the Shoulder and Upper Extremity
Board CertificationAmerican Board of Orthopaedic Surgery
Roger Sohn MD

AboutDr. Sohn

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon Shoulder And Upper Limb Specialist

Dr. Roger Sohn is a double fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in conditions of the shoulder and arm. He has been named one of Orange County’s Top Doctors by his peers and the Orange County Medical Association. He has devoted his professional career to providing state of the art treatments for patients with shoulder conditions.

  • I really like how Dr. Sohn is very thorough in explaining diagnosis, surgical procedures that was done, and why. The follow up visit after surgery Dr....

    ~ LISA ~
  • Dr. Sohn is an excellent doctor and I'm so glad he was referred to me! I was instantly comfortable with him and he was upfront about my options. Very ...

    ~ LANCE ~
  • Great experience! Very professional and caring. I would definitely recommend Dr. Sohn and his staff.

    ~ JULIE ~
  • Dr. Sohn was very professional, understanding and prompt in seeing me as scheduled. It is always difficult to find a doctor that actually sticks to th...

    ~ ABRAHAM ~
  • Dr Sohn is the only surgeon I trust for Ortho. Will recommend 10/10 times!

    ~ ERIN ~
Dr. Sohn's Approach to Patient Care

I know each patient is unique and always consider that when creating care plans. I always ask my patients what activities and sports they enjoy. It is my goal to get them out of pain and back to what they love doing.

  • Frozen Shoulder
    Cortisone vs. PRP for Elbow Pain (revisited)

    Here’s yet another paper showing the difference between cortisone injections vs Platelet Rich Plasma which I have discussed previously.

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  • Frozen Shoulder
    Frozen Shoulder - How To Avoid And Treat It

    A frozen shoulder can sideline you , sometimes for over one year. This can affect any adult causing.

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  • Latarjet Procedure

    When the shoulder dislocates, it damages the labrum and the ligaments that stabilize the ball and socket joint.

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  • Reverse Total Shoulder
    Reverse Total Shoulder
    Replacement MechanicsWhat is a reverse shoulder replacement?

    When the shoulder wears out, we sometimes have to place an artificial joint called a reverse total shoulder. It involves placing a new "ball" where the socket used to be. It's called a reverse shoulder because we put the socket where the ball previously sat.

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  • Chronic Rotator Cuff Tear
    Chronic Rotator
    Cuff TearWhat is the difference between acute and chronic rotator cuff tendon tears?

    "Acute", in the medical sense, means something that happened very recently. Acute rotator cuff tears, typically happen due to an injury or accident.

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  • Shoulder Replacement
    What Is It Like To Have A
    Shoulder Replacement?

    Dr. Sohn discusses the process of getting a shoulder replacement. Thanks to newer implants and better anesthesia, this surgery can now be done as an outpatient procedure. Dr. Sohn also discusses the Postop recovery and restrictions.

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Total shoulder replacement surgery is performed to relieve symptoms of severe shoulder pain and disability due to arthritis. In this surgery, the damaged articulating parts of the shoulder joint are removed and replaced with artificial prostheses.

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical procedure performed for joint problems. Shoulder arthroscopy is performed using a pencil-sized instrument called an arthroscope.

The following informational resources and educational videos can help you understand your condition and better participate in the treatment plan.