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Patient Reported Outcomes

We Use Patient Rated Outcome Measures (PROMs).

At the Shoulder and Upper Limb Center, we constantly monitor our outcomes using validated PROMs so we can measure the difference we make in our patients’ lives. We believe patients are the best judge of their results.

2021 Patient Rated Outcome Results

  • Shoulder Replacement Outcomes

    Prior to surgery, patients rated their shoulder function as 34%. Patients who received a shoulder replacement improved significantly. At the 6 month mark, patients rated their function at 78%. 1, 4

    Shoulder Replacement Outcomes
  • Shoulder Instability Outcomes

    Patients rated their disability at 72% prior to surgery. 6 months after stabilization surgery, patients rated their disability down to 17%. 2, 4

    Shoulder Instability Outcomes
  • Shoulder Outcomes – Combined

    For all other shoulder surgeries, our patients had 51% disability caused by their shoulder condition. 3 months after surgery, the disability came down to 23%. By 6 months, they rate their disability down at 13%. 3, 4

    Shoulder and Elbow Outcomes – Combined
  • Hand and Wrist Outcomes

    On average our post operative hand patients see the disability caused by their condition drop from 43% to 17% three months after their procedure. 3, 4

    Hand and Wrist Outcomes

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  1. The Simple Shoulder Test is used to asses how much function the shoulder regains after undergoing a shoulder replacement. (Higher scores are better).
  2. The WOSI Test rates the functionality of the shoulder related to instability. (Lower scores are better).
  3. The Quick Dash is a survey that measures the disability caused by an arm, shoulder, or hand condition. (Lower scores are better).
  4. Results are statistically significant (p<0.05)

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